A simple CLI tool to calculate the total LoC of a given directory.




Flag Description
--use-gitignore Use your .gitignore file as the basis of directory exclusion.
--ignore <dir>... Define your own list of directories to exclude.
--no-format Prints the output without the bad formatting.
--debug Prints a list of the directories and/or files expected to be ignored.


  • Add colors based on extension.
  • Replace the output extension names with their filetype names.
  • Make the formatted output less garbage.
  • Allow the usage of an optional ignore file separate from .gitignore
  • GitHub repo support.
  • Output to markdown.
  • Sort the final output.
  • Add file extenions to ignore list.



  • Clone and build the repo or download the executable for your system.
  • Move the executable somewhere, or leave it there.
  • Add a the path to the executable to your PATH environment variable.
    • If you want to be the only user with access to the executable, add it to the user variable PATH.
    • If you want to have goloc available system-wide, add it to the system variable PATH.
  • Restart your terminal.


  • Clone and build the repo or download the binary for your system.
  • Copy or move the binary to /usr/bin.
  • Update your paths accordingly.


  • Same as Linux, but on MacOS.


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