The main goal of this code is to create a basic dnstap printing tool based on
the golang-dnstap library.

The output is supposed to mimic the “short summary format” of
from BIND but with the possibility of adding additional information via flags
so you can easily grep for such things (currently DNS ID via -id)

Usage of ./dnstap-parse:
  -cpuprofile string
    	write cpu profile to file
  -file string
    	read dnstap data from file
    	include DNS ID in output

The -cpuprofile flag is not helpful for ordinary usage, it is just there to
be able to profile the tool.

Known output differences with dnstap-read

From investigating dnstap files in the wild I have noticed some instances
where the output of this tool and dnstap-read differs. Specifically the
character escaping rules used by dnstap-read and miekg/dns differ somewhat.

One example of this is how 0x20 (space) is represented in domain names, where miekg/dns
will present it as \ and dnstap-read will present it as \032 leading to
this tool outputting example\ lookup/IN/A while dnstap-read will print

Another example of this is the 0x27 (') character which is not escaped at
all by dnstap-read, but is escpaed in miekg/dns due to being defined as special
in isDomainNameLabelSpecial()

This results in dnstap-read outputting example'lookup/IN/A while this
tool prints example\'lookup/IN/A.

The overall character espacing rules used by miekg/dns can be found in


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