FireFly CLI

The FireFly CLI can be used to create a local FireFly stacks for offline development of blockchain apps. This allows developers to rapidly iterate on their idea without worrying about needing to set up a bunch of infrastructure before they can write the first line of code.


In order to run the FireFly CLI, you will need a few things installed on your dev machine:

Install the CLI

On Go 1.16 and newer:

$ go install[email protected]

On earlier versions of Go:

$ go get

Create a new stack

$ ff init <stack_name>

Start a stack

$ ff start <stack_name>

View logs

$ ff logs <stack_name>

NOTE: You can use the -f flag on the logs command to follow the log output from all nodes in the stack

Stop a stack

$ ff stop <stack_name>

Clear all data from a stack

This command clears all data in a stack, but leaves the stack itself. This is useful for testing when you want to start with a clean slate but don't want to actually recreate the resources in the stack itself. Note: this will also stop the stack if it is running.

$ ff reset <stack_name>

Completely delete a stack

This command will completely delete a stack, including all of its data and configuration.

$ ff remove <stack_name>