Create an fs.FS instance that “mounts” other fs.FS.

As of this writing this module is really aimed at one-off tools and testing, and thus does not really prioritize on efficiency

Note: extremely alpha quality.


fs1 := ....
fs2 := ....

var fs multifs.FS

fs.Mount("/fs1", fs1)
fs.Mount("/fs2", fs2)

f1, err := fs.Open("/fs1/foo/bar/baz.txt")
f2, err := fs.Open("/fs2/quux/corge/grault.txt")

Path Expansion

Given a prefix of “/prefix”, call to (multifs.FS).Open("/prefix/file.txt") results in the backend filesystem receiving “file.txt” as the argument to its Open() method.

This means that you should most likely not just use os.Open in the backend. Instead you should most likely use os.DirFS which takes care of the prefix.

Let’s say you have a file name "/root/temp/12345/file.txt". and you want this to be availble in the multifs.FS as "/prefix/file.txt". Then you should do the follwing:

fileFS, _ := os.DirFS("/root/temp/12345")

var fs multifs.FS

fs.Mount("/prefix", fileFS)

The use of os.DirFS makes sure that it takes care of replacing the prefix with the actual file system prefix for you.


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