Talosplus is tool to run bash scripts at faster rate by executing commands in parallel using goroutines and with some exceptional features like Auto Scheduling, Filesystem Abstraction ,Stop/Resume, Buffers,Thread Safe ,Fail Safe, Serial + Parallel Execution, Notification Support etc provided that script follows given Syntax and is integrated with MongoDB which provides lot of flexiblity similar to bbrf especially for Bug Hunters, Security Professionals etc.

Blog / How To Guides

Create Your Ultimate Bug Bounty Automation Without Nerdy Bash Skills

Why ??

Why use this when bash scripts can be run directly ?? You can think of this like a middleware to run bash scripts . I wanted to create a perfect automation much like @hakluke . This project resolves all challenges and issues I faced while writing bash scripts and creating the perfect automation and makes it possible to leverage all important features with comments Ex: #as:@nmapout, #from:@allsubs etc . and adds a lot of additional features.

Even If you are a little intriqued, Consider reading my blog . Which describes how I overcame challenges I faced , how and when to use these comments ? and effective use of this project and detailed description of all its features like scheduling algo etc.

If you don't want to use of these comments  or features . Supplying your regular bash script
Will run every command it can find in parallel.


  • Sample Bash Script with Syntax at here

  • Talosplus output at here

  • Custom Discord Notification at here


These are oversimplified features to name from my blog.

  • Auto Scheduling Commands at Runtime
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Filesystem Abstraction
  • Discord Notification Support
  • Thread Safe
  • All Features of BBRF+ Others (MongoDB Backend)
  • Easy Syntax
  • Fail Safe && Condition Checks
  • Stop /Resume(BETA)
  • No Compatiblity issues

Installation Instructions

  • Install MongoDB.

  • Download Binary From Releases .

  • Build From Source .

go install

Refer to Blog Part 3 for step by step instructions in detail.


  1. Taloplus is just a parser tool and is not aware of bash syntax .

  2. Each Command is sandboxed if you are using bash environment variables etc it won’t work .It has to be variables

  3. For Loops, IF etc Will Work But they can only be in a single line or newline should be escaped using \.

Saving Outputs to File/Environment Variables Entirely Defeats Purpose of This tool . Read Blog or Refer to file before running any script file.


talosplus -h

This will display help for the tool

Talosplus has every feature that would make it easy to write and run bash scripts .

Writing Automation Scripts With Syntax

To leverage all features of Talosplus like Auto Scheduling etc . It is essential the written bash script follows the syntax . Example of such bash script can be found at .

In detail guide of how to write such scripts and using the syntax can be found at blog

Usage in Detail

In depth details on running any scripts ,configs , interacting with db , storing and retrieving any subdomain(or any variable from bash script) etc. and much more can be found at blog


If you like talosplus and want to see it improve furthur or want me to create intresting projects , You can buy me a coffee



Some Features are inspired by @honoki/bbrf-client


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