Build webapps with bun.js and chromium-based browsers. This is a project still under construction, please be patient.

#Get Started

To get started with the project, clone the same as follows. open a console and paste this

git clone https://github.com/Bunland/webapp.git

Now go to the project with:

cd webapp

install dependencies (The necessary dependencies for our Svelte Ui will be installed).

cd myapp 
bun install

Run the application in development mode.

Go back to the main “webapp” folder and type in the console:

bun run dev

Build the webapp.

Unfortunately “for now”, the only way to build our webapp is using the Golang language, so make sure you have golang installed. You can follow the following link which will help you to install Golang easily:


Once you have golang installed write in the console in the “webapp” directory:

bun run build

Next, Golang will take care of packaging your application, you will see that a folder called “webapp_1.0.0” and a file called “webapp_1.0.0.deb” have been created, with the latter you will be able to install your application on your computer.


If you wish, you can modify the name of the application and its information in the file: build-linux.sh, if you want to change the icons you can go to the “icons” folder and modify the existing one for another of your preference.

This project is based on Lorca and in turn on Carlo.js.

Lorca https://github.com/zserge/lorca

Carlo https://github.com/GoogleChromeLabs/carlo


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