URL Shortner

Created url shortner APIs using Golang, Gin & Redis. It also returns the original long url if the short url is provided.

Frameworks/Libraries: Golang, Redis, Docker Tools/Technologies: Gin, SHA256, Base58


  • The mapping between the original Url and the generated short Url is stored in Redis
  • Test files consist of unit and integration tests for the database and GenerateShortLink method
  • Hashing the long url + userId with SHA256. The userId is added to prevent providing same urls to different users in case they want to shorten the same link.
  • Derive a big integer number from the hash bytes generated during the hasing
  • Lastly apply Base58 on the derived big integer value and pick the first 8 characters
  • Dockerized the web app and uploaded the docker image to AWS platform
  • Time & Effort

    The project took ~20 hours in total, within 5 days.


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