nsddns – Namesilo Dynamic DNS

Cron-able tool for updating Namesilo DNS A record value to current public IP, like DDNS.


Configuration is done through the conf.json file. As the name implies, it is a JSON-formatted file. The following keys must be set:

  • domain: domain name which is registered through Namesilo
  • host: hostname of the DNS A record (can be empty, in which case the A record would be the domain)
  • apikey: Namesilo API key which can be generated through the Namesilo API manager portal

The conf.json file must live in the same directory as the binary. Alternatively, the --config flag can be used to direct nsddns to an alternative JSON configuration file.

Example conf.json

    "domain": "example.com",
    "host": "test",
    "apikey": "1234abcd"

Example of using conf.otherdomain.json and --config

$ ./nsddns --config /path/to/other/dir/conf.otherdomain.json


Running ./nsddns will grab the user settings supplied in conf.json and start the automation.

Building nsddns

Build the go project by running go build in the project directory. This will create an executable called nsddns. Additionally, go install can be used to place the binary at the $GOPATH/bin location. If $GOPATH/bin is added to your PATH environment variable then nsddns will be able to be used anywhere in the shell.

Recommended Usage

Copy the nsddns executable to a directory which only root can access. Copy conf.json to this directory with file perms 0600 and owner root:root. Then, add a cronjob every couple of minutes which executes nsddns.


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