Clipper: cross-platform clipboard library

Go ReferenceMIT License

Platforms supported:

  • Linux (via xclip or xsel or wl-copy/wl-paste)
  • MacOS (via pbcopy/pbpaste)
  • Windows (via the Windows clipboard API)
  • WSL (via clip.exe/powershell.exe)
  • Android Termux (via termux-clipboard-set/termux-clipboard-get)
  • Plan9 (via /dev/snarf)
  • Anything else (via a user-defined script)

Fallback methods:

  • Internal in-memory clipboard
  • File-based clipboard


func main() {    clip, err := clipper.GetClipboard()    must(err)    // copy from stdin    data, err := io.ReadAll(os.Stdin)    must(err)    err = clip.WriteAll(clipper.RegClipboard, data)    must(err)    // paste to stdout    data, err := clip.ReadAll(clipper.RegClipboard)    must(err)    fmt.Print(string(data))}

A CLI tool is provided as an example in cmd/clipper.


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