Terrajet Template Provider

provider-jet-template is a Crossplane provider that is built using Terrajet code generation tools and exposes XRM-conformant managed resources for the Template API.

Getting Started

Install the provider by using the following command after changing the image tag to the latest release:

kubectl crossplane install provider crossplane/provider-jet-template:v0.1.0

Alternatively, you can use declarative installation:

kubectl apply -f examples/install.yaml

Notice that in this example Provider resource is referencing ControllerConfig with debug enabled.

You can see the API reference here.


Run code-generation pipeline:

go run cmd/generator/main.go "$PWD"

Run against a Kubernetes cluster:

make run

Build, push, and install:

make all

Build binary:

make build

Report a Bug

For filing bugs, suggesting improvements, or requesting new features, please open an issue.


Please use the following to reach members of the community:

Governance and Owners

provider-jet-template is run according to the same Governance and Ownership structure as the core Crossplane project.

Code of Conduct

provider-jet-template adheres to the same Code of Conduct as the core Crossplane project.


provider-jet-template is under the Apache 2.0 license.


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