Crypka is library, which abstracts away crypto, so one can easily do:

  • Swap cryptosystems by swapping algorithm object in one place
  • Easily and securely marshal keys

Crypka also implemented benchamrking and testing utils for various packag crypto primitives like signing or encryption.

Current status

For now following features are reasonable implemented and won’t change soon:

  • Asymmetric signing
  • Symmetric signing(think of HMAC)
  • Symmetric signing using hash functions AKA symmetric signing without key

Testing API for now is subject to many changes.


For now following algorithms are implemented and integrated with crypka:

  • Symmetric signing using STL hashes
  • Symmetric signing using HMAC + STL hashes
  • Asymmetric signing using ed25519

Is it production ready?

Probably not, since I’ll change API for non-signing stuff.

Why even bother doing something like that?

There is a couple of reasons:

  • (IMO) nobody has created library, which allows easy cryptosystem swapping, so one could go from RSA4096 to some quantumm secure algorithm by swapping single algorithm declaration
  • Since it allows easy swapping, it allows easier performance testing with various algorithms
  • Also APIs here are designed in a way, which is easy for end user. If some crypto API can be implemented in slower but less error prone way, crypka will provide the 2nd one.


  • Better API for encryption, since there is difference between block, chain and stream encryption
  • Support for encryption algorithms
  • API for key exchange algorithms
  • Creating encryption algorithms from key exchange ones(especially from x25519)
  • Support for post quantumm algorithms
  • In general, support for more algorithms(like RSA for instance)