TUI "curl" as a personal replacement of Postman. Postman just feels overly bloated in appearance and as a program. This is written purely in Golang and does not use curl under the hood.

I’m working on this while learning Go.

⚠️ This program has lots of problems. Most I may not even know about. But the following are the known limitations at the moment:

  • Windows support (I don’t have access to a windows machine at the moment)
  • Cookies support
  • Headers deletion
  • Save/Manipulate response/request
  • Edit/delete bookmarks and history
  • Tests (I have some written)
  • Commands
  • Input validations

I’ll be providing implementations as time goes by. Feel free to submit an issue as you try this out.

How to use


go install github.com/blackmann/go-gurl


Bind Action
shift+tab Alternate between views (address bar and viewport)
esc Enter/leave command mode. In command mode, you can press the forward or back key to switch between the viewport tabs
ctrl+c Quit
$ Show history. You can filter history with ID or annotation. See below on how to annotate history


When requests are made, they are saved into history. To trigger the history modal, enter a leading $. You can filter the history with ID number or annotation. Selecting a history item will prefill all request fields (address, headers and body).

To annotate history, first find the history ID then enter command mode (esc) then type

/annotate $32 create-account

This feature is useful when you run a request very often when testing.


Bookmarks allow to you create and use alias for base paths/endpoints. For example, if you mostly work with an endpoint https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com, you can be able to create a bookmark with (in command mode esc)

@typicode https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com

You can then use the bookmark in making requests (in the addressbar as)

POST @typicode/todos/


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