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DajareGo provides checking a sentence if it is Dajare (Japanese pun).

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Getting Started


First, import DajareGo to your project.

go get github.com/jugesuke/dajareGo
import "github.com/jugesuke/dajareGo"

Next, load dictionary of tokenizer.

if err := dajareGo.Init(); err != nil {

Next, use IsDajare function.

result := dajareGo.IsDajare("アルミ缶の上にあるミカン")

To get the result if the sentence is Dajare, use result.IsDajare.

result := dajareGo.IsDajare("アルミ缶の上にあるミカン")
if result.IsDajare {
  fmt.Println("This is Dajare")
} else {
  fmt.Println("This is not Dajare")

More information, please read Document.

Definition of Dajare

In this Package, Dajare is defined the sentence contains pair(s) of words which has a similar reading but a different meaning.

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