Data layer using GORM for accessing models via a Database (MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, MongoDB)

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go-datastore requires a supported release of Go.

go get -u github.com/mrz1836/go-datastore


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Database model assumptions:

  • id If a unique ID is needed, the datastore expects id and uses _id internally for Mongo
  • metadata is an optional field for storing key->value JSON data

Custom array and object fields:

  • WithCustomFields(arrayFields, objectFields ) Use this method to add custom array or object fields (IE: metadata)

Custom methods for Mongo:

  • WithCustomMongoConditionProcessor() Use this method to add custom condition processing for custom object fields
  • WithCustomMongoIndexer() Use this method to add custom mongo indexes

Repository Features

This repository was created using MrZ’s go-template

Built-in Features

Package Dependencies

Library Deployment

Releases are automatically created when you create a new git tag!

If you want to manually make releases, please install GoReleaser:

goreleaser for easy binary or library deployment to GitHub and can be installed:

  • using make: make install-releaser
  • using brew: brew install goreleaser

The .goreleaser.yml file is used to configure goreleaser.

Automatic Releases on Tag Creation (recommended)

Automatic releases via GitHub Actions from creating a new tag:

make tag version=1.2.3

Manual Releases (optional)

Use make release-snap to create a snapshot version of the release, and finally make release to ship to production (manually).

Makefile Commands

View all makefile commands

make help

List of all current commands:

all                           Runs multiple commands
clean                         Remove previous builds and any cached data
clean-mods                    Remove all the Go mod cache
coverage                      Shows the test coverage
diff                          Show the git diff
generate                      Runs the go generate command in the base of the repo
godocs                        Sync the latest tag with GoDocs
help                          Show this help message
install                       Install the application
install-all-contributors      Installs all contributors locally
install-go                    Install the application (Using Native Go)
install-releaser              Install the GoReleaser application
lint                          Run the golangci-lint application (install if not found)
release                       Full production release (creates release in GitHub)
release                       Runs common.release then runs godocs
release-snap                  Test the full release (build binaries)
release-test                  Full production test release (everything except deploy)
replace-version               Replaces the version in HTML/JS (pre-deploy)
tag                           Generate a new tag and push (tag version=0.0.0)
tag-remove                    Remove a tag if found (tag-remove version=0.0.0)
tag-update                    Update an existing tag to current commit (tag-update version=0.0.0)
test                          Runs lint and ALL tests
test-ci                       Runs all tests via CI (exports coverage)
test-ci-no-race               Runs all tests via CI (no race) (exports coverage)
test-ci-short                 Runs unit tests via CI (exports coverage)
test-no-lint                  Runs just tests
test-short                    Runs vet, lint and tests (excludes integration tests)
test-unit                     Runs tests and outputs coverage
uninstall                     Uninstall the application (and remove files)
update-contributors           Regenerates the contributors html/list
update-linter                 Update the golangci-lint package (macOS only)
vet                           Run the Go vet application

Examples & Tests

All unit tests and examples run via GitHub Actions and uses Go version 1.17.x. View the configuration file.

Run all tests (including integration tests)

make test

Run tests (excluding integration tests)

make test-short


Run the Go benchmarks:

make bench

Code Standards

Read more about this Go project’s code standards.


Checkout all the examples!


View the contributing guidelines and follow the code of conduct.

How can I help?

All kinds of contributions are welcome 🙌! The most basic way to show your support is to star 🌟 the project, or to raise issues 💬. You can also support this project by becoming a sponsor on GitHub 👏 or by making a bitcoin donation to ensure this journey continues indefinitely! 🚀


Contributors ✨

Thank you to these wonderful people (emoji key):

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