MoneroBlock is a trustless block explorer for the Monero payment network.

Running MoneroBlock

To run MoneroBlock download the prebuilt binaries from here for your OS and run them. Once MoneroBlock is started open with your browser.

note: You need monerod running in your computer for MoneroBlock to work, unless you are using a remote daemon.

Running with a remote daemon

Use moneroblock --daemon <Remote daemon address> to start MoneroBlock with a remote node. If you wish to use Tor to connect to the remote daemon, start moneroblock with: moneroblock --proxy socks5:// --daemon <Remote daemon address>

Compiling from source

You need Go and Git installed to compile MoneroBlock.

git clone && cd ./MoneroBlock
go get ./...
go build -ldflags="-s -w" ./


If you wish to support the MoneroBlock development please donate any amount:

Monero: 892HHTyDg5mJm5eWJWZ8L1ZMYnnWExciQFFkpsgLh1DfVUXfUFj6z1X2jDD2ZRQLiwWYskeyNkrtpAHse4M3G29uBfiYgVL Wownero: WW439rW1B6p4pA9oca1Aip6h2dneUCHTL9qdn5fstfkB1DzokvrU2hYGASDUcyfaa9gv5kXS82TUhRALMGJGFmBA26jAz3qM5ss


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