DeepAlert is a serverless framework for automatic response of security alert.


DeepAlert receives a security alert that is event of interest from security view point and responses the alert automatically. DeepAlert has 3 parts of automatic response.

  • Inspector investigates entities that are appeaered in the alert including IP address, Domain name and store a result: reputation, history of malicious activities, associated cloud instance and etc. Following components are already provided to integrate with your DeepAlert environment. Also you can create own inspector to check logs that is stored into original log storage or log search system.
  • Reviewer receives the alert with result(s) of Inspector and evaluate severity of the alert. Reviewer should be written by each security operator/administrator of your organization because security policies are differ from organazation to organization.
  • Emitter finally receives the alert with result of Reviewer’s severity evaluation. After that, Emitter sends external integrated system. E.g. PagerDuty, Slack, Github Enterprise, etc. Also automatic quarantine can be configured by AWS Lambda function.


How to use


  • Tools
    • awscli >= 1.16.140
    • go >= 1.14
    • GNU Make >= 3.81
  • Credential
    • AWS CLI credential to deploy CloudFormation. See here for more detail.

Build and deploy Reviewer

See example and deploy it as Lambda Function.

Configuration and deploy DeepAlert

Clone this repository and create two config files, deploy.jsonnet and stack.jsonnet under deepalert directory.

$ git clone
$ cd deepalert

deploy.jsonnet is for AWS SAM deployment by aws command.

  StackName: 'deepalert',          // You can change the stack name.
  CodeS3Bucket: 'YOUR_S3_BUCKET',  // S3 bucket to save code materials for deployment
  CodeS3Prefix: 'functions',       // Prefix of S3 path if youn need (optional)
  Region: 'ap-northeast-1',        // Region to deploy the stack

stack.jsonnet is for building stack template.

local template = import 'template.libsonnet';

// Set Lambda Function's ARN that you deployed as Reviewer
local reviewerArn = 'arn:aws:lambda:ap-northeast-1:123456789xx:function:YOUR_REVIEWER_ARN';

Then, deploy DeepAlert stack.

$ make deploy

Build and deploy Reviewer

See examples and deploy it as Lambda Function.




Unit Test

$ make test

Integration Test

At first, deploy DeepAlert stack for test. Then, create a config file into remote/.

    "StackName": "deepalert-test-stack",
    "CodeS3Bucket": "YOUR_S3_BUCKET",
    "CodeS3Prefix": "SET_IF_YOU_NEED",
    "Region": "ap-northeast-1",
    "LambdaRoleArn": "arn:aws:iam::123456xxx:role/YOUR_LAMBDA_ROLE"

After that, deploy test stack and run test.

$ cd remote/
$ make test


MIT License