• Deploy Azure Function Apps (C#) from Configuration
  • Deploy functions in a group with sets
  • Select which functions should be deployed
  • Config is updated on change, thus it will remember the choices next time

Installation of DotNet6.0 is required. Installation of Azure CLI or Core Tools is required based on configured method.


Name Description
--cli Run directly as CLI instead of TUI


File Name: deploy.config.json Location:

  • Working Directory, or
  • Directory of the executing binary

If no configuration was found, the app will panic and create a sample configuration file in the working directory.

Configuration Sample

    "Method": "azfunc",
    "Sets": [
            "Name": "",
            "ResourceGroupName": "",
            "FuncInfos": [
                    "FuncName": "",
                    "ProjectDir": "",
                    "ShouldRun": false
    "CurrentSet": 0

JSON Fields

Field Description
Method Cli command for deployment (see next table)
Sets Functions in a Resource Group
Name Name of the set (ex. DEV)
ResourceGroupName Target Resource Group for the set
FuncName Resource name of the Function App
ProjectDir Location of the Project Directory
ShouldRun If this Function should be deployed
CurrentSet Index of the set that will be deployed 5

Deployment Methods

Method Description Documentation
azfunc Deploy with az functionapp deployment source config-zip Docs
azzip Deploy with az webap deploy Docs
func Deploy with func azure functionapp publish Docs


  • Can not create sets that with Functions from multiple Resource Group
  • Only works with DotNet6.0


  • tview – Terminal UI library



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