Directly extract any format 7zip supports to Rclone

(Currently NyaMisty/fclone is needed as we added extra rclone rc command)


  • Format Support: support all format that 7-zip supports (more precisely, lib7zip supports)
    • Password protected archive
    • Filename encrypted archive
    • Multi-Volume archive
  • Memory optimized: transfer both large-files & small files in high speed
    • Adaptive transmit buffer, allowing maxmizing Rclone’s power
  • Auto Retry: retry uploading when rclone fails accidentally

How to use

  1. Download NyaMisty/fclone‘s release and run it with:
    • rclone rcd --rc-web-gui --rc-no-auth -vvP
  2. Download release of this repo
  3. Download NyaMisty/libc7zip‘s release and put it under same folder
  4. Run ln -s /usr/lib/p7zip/7z.so in the same folder to link 7z.so here
  5. Run rclone-7zip --help to get the usage
    • Example:
      ~/rclone-7zip/rclone-7zip --password cychd.top /tmp/tarmount_T588-21.tar/T588-21.7z.001 onedrive_backend:ciyuanchongdong-T588-喵糖映画-cychd.top

How it works

  1. Open Archive & Extract: this tool uses modified itchio/sevenzip-go to open 7zip archives
    • I added password & multi volume support to itchio’s fork
  2. Connect to Rclone & Transfer: using rcatsize operation exposed by modified rclone rc
    • this tool listen to a fifo & write data to it
    • rclone connect to the fifo according to rcatsize’s parameter
    • transfer the data
  3. Collect Result & Retry: using rclone rc‘s _async mode to queue each job and manage their status
    • Retry the extract if failed


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