DirList Go Reference

DirList allows you to quickly spin up an HTTP server to view and browse directory listing of any of your folders, and browse them on your browser.


go install github.com/ayushg3112/dirlist/cmd/[email protected]


View Help

$ dirlist --help 
      --help                View help
  -p, --port int            Port on which to start the listing server (default 8000)
  -d, --root-dir string     Root directory to start directory listing
  -f, --sort-field string   Field to sort by (default "modifiedAt")
      --sort-order string   Sorting order. ASC/DESC. (default "ASC")

Start a Server

$ dirlist --root-dir "/Users/ayushgupta/Downloads" --sort-order ASC --sort-field modifiedAt
2022/09/03 16:15:24 starting the server at port 8000


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