discontinued but finished web app utilizing a golang backend and reactjs frontend.


react 17.0.1
golang 1.16
postgresql 13.1


echo/v4 (web server node provider and proxy using a controller)
casbin/v2 (rule model based basic auth)
ntp (ntp server time sync)
pq (postgres sql driver package)
ksuid (global unique identifier generation)
crypto/rand + math/big (token generation)
yaml.v2 (for app-config.yaml parsing)
graceful (graceful shutdown)
net/sys/rate (limiter)/validator0.9/encoding json/reflect (db type and object reflection)/regexp/strconv/

admin dash control uses a MutationObserver object, is written in vanilla javascript and includes Jodit v.3 an open source WYSIWYG html editor

additional content

files to create CentOS8 service workers
unix shellscripts to dump logs and sql database
there is a template renderer engine for .gohtml template files and the server has proper error handling
the proxy mirroring multiple app instances and collects unique visitor info by querying via whois tool


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