Discord bot for gitlab merge requests.
Checks messages sent into merge request channel assigns reviewers and performs merge requests. Reviewers are picked from online pool of users with the same role as the name of a category in which merge requests channel is.

For example if you have a category named team1 with a channel merge-requests you should have a role team1 with users that should be picked for reviews in that channel.

Environment variables

DISCORD_TOKEN – token for your discord bot
GITLAB_TOKEN – gitlab token to perform merge actions
GITLAB_HOST – gitlab host (ex.: gitlab.local)
APPROVE_COUNT – approvals needed to perform merge action
REVIEWER_COUNT – number of reviewers picked from online pool of users. Users are picked from a role that matches merge channel category
MERGE_REQUEST_CHANNEL – channel name where bot should scan messages for merge requests (ex.: merge-requests)
CATEGORIES – comma separated list of categories. Categories are used to pair merge requests to role. For example if you have category name backend you should also have a role named backend. Users for review will be picked from this role.


Build docker image

docker build -t mergebot:latest .

Run image

docker run --name mergebot --rm \
		--env GITLAB_HOST=gitlab.local \
		--env APPROVE_COUNT=2 \
		--env REVIEWER_COUNT=3 \
		--env MERGE_REQUEST_CHANNEL=merge-requests \
		--env CATEGORIES=team1,team2 \



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