Discord bot made for Introduction to Go course at Sofia University

Supported slash commands:

/play <channel name> <url> – Play song in the given channel (bot can play youtube/soundcloud/web streams)

/stop – Stops music from the bot and disconnects the bot

/talk-history <user> – Returns the user voice channel connection history.

/voice-chat-top – All people talked since bot connected to the server (sorted)


/play General https://soundcloud.com/lil-jairmy/alaska
/talk-history tedo3637

Build with

go build main.go stats.go utils.go music.go commands.go
./main.exe -token= <YOUR DISCORD APP TOKEN>

Feature ideas

  • Add playlist queue
  • Add download song/playlist command
  • Add next/pause/prev song command
  • Add search song by name


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