The MIT 6.824 course project: a distributed key/value storage system with Golang that shards data over a set of Raft-based replica server groups and achieved high throughput, fault tolerance, consistency and load balance among them.

    1. Implemented Raft Consensus Algorithm, which supports the shard controller and key/value servers running on its top, and enables fault tolerance, consistency, and high performance. Major features include leader election, log replication and compaction, state persistence, snapshot and crash recovery.
    1. Built a shard controller to manage the configuration of shards and server groups efficiently. Implemented methods to support load balancing among server groups, and increasing system capacity by linear magnitude.
    1. Built key/value servers that can process concurrent client requests during reconfiguration via Raft to enforce linearizability, and efficient design to reduce latency by 320%. Used Goroutines to achieve garbage collection of server state, saving 200% storage space and speeding up server reboot after crashes by over 3x.
    1. Applied Goroutiones to execute client commands concurrently and parallelly, used sync.Mutex to avoid race conditions, used Go Channel and RPC to enable communication among goroutines, clients and servers.


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