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The client library for DNS Lookup API in Go language.

The minimum go version is 1.17.


The library is distributed as a Go module

go get github.com/whois-api-llc/dns-lookup-go


Full API documentation available here

You can find all examples in example directory.

Create a new client

To start making requests you need the API Key. You can find it on your profile page on whoisxmlapi.com. Using the API Key you can create Client.

Most users will be fine with NewBasicClient function.

client := dnslookupapi.NewBasicClient(apiKey)

If you want to set custom http.Client to use proxy then you can use NewClient function.

transport := &http.Transport{Proxy: http.ProxyURL(proxyUrl)}

client := dnslookupapi.NewClient(apiKey, dnslookupapi.ClientParams{
    HTTPClient: &http.Client{
        Transport: transport,
        Timeout:   20 * time.Second,

Make basic requests

DNS Lookup API lets you get well-structured a domain’s corresponding IP address from its A record as well as the domain’s mail server (MX record), nameserver (NS record), SPF (TXT record), and more records.

// Make request to get all parsed DNS records for the domain name
dnsLookupResp, resp, err := client.Get(ctx, "whoisxmlapi.com")
if err != nil {

for _, record := range dnsLookupResp.DNSRecords.A {

// Make request to get raw DNS Lookup API data
resp, err := client.GetRaw(context.Background(), "whoisxmlapi.com")
if err != nil {



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