Elaina Go

Docker-based remote code runner.



Step 1: Install dependencies

Step 2: Build internal docker images

The docker/images/ folder provides the Dockerfile of the programming language runtime environment that Elaina supports.

Use docker build command to build the images before you start running the Elaina. This operation only needs to be performed once.

docker build . -t elaina-<lang>:latest

Step 3: Start the Elaina server

Put the docker-compose.yml file in your working directory.

Edit APP_URL APP_PASSWORD APP_CONTAINER_PATH in docker-compose.yml!!

  • APP_URL Your backend service host, used to set the allow origins header in HTTP CORS header.
  • APP_PASSWORD The password used to log in the manager panel.
  • APP_CONTAINER_PATH The path where the containers’ volumes are placed in your host, make sure the Docker has the correct permission to access.

The following command will create a PostgreSQL database as well as the Elaina server.

docker-compose up -d

Step 4: Have fun!

Visit http://:8080/m/ to login to the manager panel.