Dracu == Docker Run as Current User

Dracu is a Docker run command wrapper that allows for running a command inside indicated Docker image using current user and mounting current folder to the container as current working directory.

This is a perfect tool for e.g. building a project in Docker container without root privileges and using current folder as input and storing build result in this folder as well.


[email protected]:~/repos/dracu $  dracu ubuntu:latest echo 'hello world'
hello world

This just spins up a container with Ubuntu and runs there echo command.

[email protected]:~/repos/dracu $  dracu ./dracu ruby:3.1 rake build
/home/godfryd/work/tools/1.18.3/bin/go build -v -race
go: downloading github.com/docker/docker v20.10.17+incompatible
go: downloading github.com/urfave/cli/v2 v2.10.0
go: downloading github.com/docker/go-connections v0.4.0

This time dracu builds itself. Source code from current directory is mounted into ruby Docker container and rake build is invoked. Build artifacts are stored and are available on the host.


Just go to releses page and grab latest .tar.gz. It contains dracu with this readme and license.


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