dp-search-reindex-tracker tracks a search reindex job

Getting started

  • Run make debug

The service runs in the background consuming messages from Kafka. An example event can be created using the helper script, make produce.


  • Requires running…
  • No further dependencies other than those defined in go.mod


Environment variable Default Description
BIND_ADDR localhost:28500 The host and port to bind to
GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT 5s The graceful shutdown timeout in seconds (time.Duration format)
HEALTHCHECK_INTERVAL 30s Time between self-healthchecks (time.Duration format)
HEALTHCHECK_CRITICAL_TIMEOUT 90s Time to wait until an unhealthy dependent propagates its state to make this app unhealthy (time.Duration format)
KAFKA_ADDR “localhost:9092” The address of Kafka (accepts list)
KAFKA_OFFSET_OLDEST true Start processing Kafka messages in order from the oldest in the queue
KAFKA_NUM_WORKERS 1 The maximum number of parallel kafka consumers
KAFKA_SEC_PROTO unset if set to TLS, kafka connections will use TLS (kafka TLS doc)
KAFKA_SEC_CA_CERTS unset CA cert chain for the server cert (kafka TLS doc)
KAFKA_SEC_CLIENT_KEY unset PEM for the client key (kafka TLS doc)
KAFKA_SEC_CLIENT_CERT unset PEM for the client certificate (kafka TLS doc)
KAFKA_SEC_SKIP_VERIFY false ignores server certificate issues if true (kafka TLS doc)
HELLO_CALLED_GROUP dp-search-reindex-tracker The consumer group this application to consume topic messages
HELLO_CALLED_TOPIC hello-called The name of the topic to consume messages from


The /health endpoint returns the current status of the service. Dependent services are health checked on an interval defined by the HEALTHCHECK_INTERVAL environment variable.

On a development machine a request to the health check endpoint can be made by:

curl localhost:8125/health


See CONTRIBUTING for details.


Copyright © 2022, Office for National Statistics (https://www.ons.gov.uk)

Released under MIT license, see LICENSE for details.


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