Dployr is a tool that extracts expected environment variables from a docker-compose file and makes it simple
to deploy on a remote server.

This is a screenshot of what you’re presented with once you launch dployr against a directory containing a docker-compose.yml.
screenshot from dployr

⚔️ Usage

In the screenshot above, the command used was:

dployr -d /Documents/Development/personal-site/ --host -u ctl

This detects the docker-compose.yml file, and extracts the environment variables inside the file.
Dployr then proceeds to open your browser and displays what is seen in the screenshot above.

🔥 Get the tool

Currently there is no binary distribution available, but this is planned to be available soon.

🏗️ Contributions

Contributions are welcome and wanted!

🏁 Long term goals

  • Deployment to kubernetes clusters, AWS, etc using this relatively simple model.
  • ?


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