A plugin to Drone plugin to allow users to login and authenticate with container image registries.


The following settings changes this plugin’s behavior.

  • server_address (optional) The container image registry address e.g docker.io. Default to docker.io
  • user The username to authenticate with the container image registry.
  • password The password of the user to authenticate with the container image registry.

Below is an example .drone.yml that uses this plugin.

kind: pipelinename: defaultsteps:- name: run quay.io/kameshsampath/drone-image-registry-auth plugin  image: quay.io/kameshsampath/drone-image-registry-auth  pull: if-not-exists  settings:    server_address:     from_secret: registry_name    user:      from_secret: registry_username    password:     from_secret: registry_password


Build the plugin binary:


Build the plugin image:

docker build -t quay.io/kameshsampath/drone-image-registry-auth -f docker/Dockerfile .


Execute the plugin from your current working directory:

docker run --rm -e PLUGIN_SERVER_ADDRESS=$QUAYIO_SERVER \  -e PLUGIN_USER=$QUAYIO_USERNAME \  -e PLUGIN_PASSWORD=$QUAYIO_PASSWORD \  -e DRONE_COMMIT_SHA=8f51ad7884c5eb69c11d260a31da7a745e6b78e2 \  -e DRONE_COMMIT_BRANCH=master \  -e DRONE_BUILD_NUMBER=43 \  -e DRONE_BUILD_STATUS=success \  -w /drone/src \  -v $(pwd):/drone/src \  quay.io/kameshsampath/drone-image-registry-auth


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