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DTail (a distributed tail program) is a DevOps tool for engineers programmed in Google Go for following (tailing), catting and grepping (including gzip and zstd decompression support) log files on many machines concurrently. An advanced feature of DTail is to execute distributed MapReduce aggregations across many devices.

For secure authorization and transport encryption, the SSH protocol is used. Furthermore, DTail respects the UNIX file system permission model (traditional on all Linux/UNIX variants and also ACLs on Linux based operating systems).

The DTail binary operates in either client or server mode. The DTail server must be installed on all server boxes involved. The DTail client (possibly running on a regular Laptop) is used interactively to connect to the servers concurrently. That currently scales to multiple thousands of servers per client. Furthermore, DTail can be operated in a serverless mode too. Read more about it in the documentation.


If you like what you see look here for more examples! You can also read through the DTail Mimecast Engineering Blog Post. There is also a GitHub Page at dtail.dev.

Installation and Usage



  • DTail was created by Paul Buetow [email protected]
  • Thank you Mimecast for supporting this Open-Source project.
  • Thank you to Vlad-Marian Marian for creating the DTail (dog) logo.
  • The Gopher was generated at https://gopherize.me
  • The animated Gifs were created using asciinema with asciicast2gif. Check out how this was done for more information.


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