Duelbot is a Telegram bot which adds duel functionality to your chat!

Build and run

Firstly, setup environment variables:

  • BOT_TOKEN: Telegram Bot API token
  • CHAT_ID: Target chat ID
  • BOT_MODE: Bot mode, all modes explained in Bot modes section
  • ADMIN_NAME: Used only in PING bot mode, admin name

Then build project and run duelbot binary!

If you use docker – you can execute this command instead of building project manually:

$ docker build -t duelbot .
$ docker run -d -e BOT_TOKEN -e CHAT_ID -e BOT_MODE -e ADMIN_NAME duelbot

Or using docker-compose:

$ docker-compose up -d

Bot modes

There is two bot modes:

  • ADMIN: Mutes users with admin rights given to him
  • PING: Pings admins


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