Dynamic DNS on your own Domain, written in Go. It will determine the external IP of the system it is running on and updates a given domain record.


The recommended way of running dyngo is via docker. dyngo is configured completely through environment variables. Please ensure the following variables are set before executing the binary

Variable Example Description
INWX_USERNAME abcd1234 The username you use for logging in at INWX
INWX_PASSWORD your-pass The password you use for logging in at INWX
INWX_DOMAIN_RECORD dyn.yourdomain.com The full domain name you want to update


You can build a current snapshot of dyngo by running a docker build in the repo root: docker build --tag dyngo . Afterwards, you can start it by running docker run --rm --env-file=/path/to/dyngo.env -t dyngo

It is recommended that you provide the needed environment variables in a separate env file for readability.


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