DynamoDB Local with Go using NoSQL Workbench

How to run in Windows


0. Run NoSQL Workbench

  • In Operation Builder add new DynamoDBLocal Connection
  • Copy Credentials (Access Key ID and Secret access key)

1. Configure AWS

  • Run aws configure
  • Put AWS Access Key Id AND Secret access key from NoSQL workbench
  • Put region of DynamoDBLocal (for example sa-east-1)

2. Run DynamoDBLocal

If you’re using Windows PowerShell, be sure to enclose the parameter name or the entire name and value like this:

  • Run in a Powershell (or run ryndynamo.ps1)
  • java -D"java.library.path=./DynamoDBLocal_lib" -jar DynamoDBLocal.jar -sharedDb

3. Run Code from go-dynamodb-reference

  • Change in the file dynamodb.go
  • Region (config.WithRegion)
  • AccessKeyId
  • SecretAccessKey
  • SessionToken (this should be empty)
  • go get .
  • go run .


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