E-Commerce Microservices with Golang

This is a project just for hobby


All UI components will be here and served by Fiber. So, you need to run it using this command


go run .\ui\cmd\web\main.go

Broker Service

This is just a basic broker service for now. There are two endpoints, one is optional.

Registered Routes

  • GET: / -> Returns JSON for index
  • GET: /ping -> Returns 200 and text/plain result. This route works when you use HeartBeat middleware.


Routes can be found under the routes folder. routes.go file contains middleware configs and handlers. Routes use these handlers.


All middleware can be found under the middleware folder. I created a middleware to demonstrate how you can create your own. Shortly, this middleware adds an ability to show service status. It would be necessary If you use a health check service and need to know your service’s status.


go run .\broker-service\cmd\web\main.go


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