SimasterICSGen — ICS Generator from Simaster Page

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Easily import your exam and class schedule with SimasterICSGen! This program will convert your Simaster schedule page from HTML to an ICS file which can be imported by a variety of calendar apps including Google Calendar. Say good bye to those old times where we had to input all of the schedules manually to our favorite calendar apps.

How to use


Usage of SimasterICSGen:
  -input string
        (Mandatory) The HTML file of Simaster Jadwal Ujian page
  -output string
        The ICS output (default "result.ics")


  1. Download SimasterICSGen executable from this repo’s releases page.
  2. Go to SIMASTER exam page
  3. Save the page (press CTRL + S)
  4. Run ./SimasterICSGen -input <the html file you just saved>, e.g
./SimasterICSGen -input "Simaster Jadwal Ujian.html"
  1. The result will be saved as result.ics

And finally, you can import the result.ics file from a calendar app like Google Calendar.

Web based

Available at


  • Add support for class schedule
  • Add more docstring


Available at LICENSE.txt


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