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Easy and unified way to connect from your terminal to AWS EC2 and ECS

🚀 Connect easily to EC2 and ECS using the same tool using an interactive CLI

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🚀 Filter to find faster your resources

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🚀 Perfect for small or big AWS accounts

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Congo is really easy to use just run “ec2” or “ecs” and the cli will continue guiding you interactively from there:

congo ec2 [--id]
congo ecs

You can always run the command congo help to get a better understanding of each command.


  • Using brew:

brew tap PauSabatesC/congo
brew install congo
  • Install using go:
go install
  • Downloading the binaries:

You can install and run it just downloading your desired binary:

macOS 64 Bit
Linux 32-Bit
Linux ARM
Linux 64 Bit
Windows ARM
Windows 32 Bit
Windows 64 Bit

Then you can add the executable binary file downloaded into your PATH

  • Install the golang package to use it on your project:
go get


  • Congo uses AWS SSM to start a session in a EC2 instance in order to connect to it. So make sure your EC2 and IAM role passes the requisites to allow this secure connection.
  • Also congo uses aws CLI to exec to a container.
  • Congo detects automatically your AWS credentials from environment variables. So even if you exported the AWS key id,secret and token, or you exported you AWS_PROFILE it will work. Make sure though to export the desired AWS_REGION too.


All kinds of Pull Requests are welcomed!



Congo is released under the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE.txt for more details.


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