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Harmonia is a Go module that is built on top of DiscordGo. It aims to make the developing process of a Go based Discord bot easier by giving developers the tools needed to effectively and quickly design bots.

Anything you can do in DiscordGo is doable in Harmonia.

This module is still in heavy development!

Getting Started with Harmonia


Assuming you already have a working Go environment, run the following in your project folder.

go get github.com/Moonlington/harmonia

This pulls the latest tagged release from the master branch.


Import Harmonia into your project.

import "github.com/Moonlington/harmonia"

You can now create a new Harmonia client, which holds most of the features of this project in addition to having the same functionality of a DiscordGo session.

harmonia, err := harmonia.New("authentication token")

Please refer to the documentation and take a look at the examples for more detailed information.


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