Project CLI

Super Fast

Made With GO

Uses Python To Set Up


Has 2 starter projects

  • Discord-JS(NodeJS)
  • Chatbot(Python)


Using the pre compiled executables in the releases in github is the preferred method but you can compile it yourself with go as shown in the command below.

go install


git clone
cd project-maker
go install
go build

Once you have the executables place them in one of the following locations. go install already achieves this.

Linux And MacOS:



C:\Program Files\project-maker



Start by running project-maker, this should show you your available command.

Runnng project-maker build <project-name> will build the project.

Let’s try making a chatbot.

We’d first run project-maker build python-chatbot <dirname>

Obviously replace <dirname> with a directry

This Should Clone And Install The Required Dependencies And If It Fails It Will Exit.

Making Your Own Project

The code uses git to clone and get the projects so you’d need to upload your template up into github or gitlab. You also need a python file called in order to run the setup part of the build command. A file should look like so:

import subprocess
#quit if stderr
cmd= subprocess.getstatusoutput("yarn -v") # checks if yarn is installed
if cmd[0] != 0:
    print("Yarn Is Not Installed")
    # if not quit["yarn", "install"], stdout=subprocess.DEVNULL, stderr=subprocess.DEVNULL) # Installs the dependencies
if status != 0:
    print("Yarn Error")
    #If error is thrown quit
# Always print setup.project.status.sucess when sucess

As seen in the example you need to print “setup.project.status.sucess” for the tool to end successfully. It is recommended to also use subprocess rather than os.system. In order for a more cleaner output make sure any stdout and stderr are sent to subprocess.DEVNULL like in the example.

Then Upload Your Code To A https Git server such as github or gitlab.

Then Run project-maker new <project-name> <project-url>

This will locally save that project.

And To Build it you run project-maker build <project-name> <dir-name>

Why Should I Use This?

This cli tools incorporates git as a tool to clone the projects, while using python to set up the project.

What Does Set Up Do?

A python set up file can do whatever you want it to do. The idea behind it is to be able to get a ready to be used environment immediately after running the build command. So as shown in the example I use yarn to install the dependencies by using subprocess to check if yarn is installed and installing the dependencies.


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