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A simple GUI for EdgeVPN built with fyne.

? Features

  • Manage EdgeVPN versions locally from the GUI. No system install needed
  • Generate, Export, Import and Add VPN connections
  • Start/Stop VPN connections, manage connection details and allows to associate versions of EdgeVPN to specific connections if necessary
  • Works in any Desktop environment (GNOME, KDE, etc. ), built with fyne. Does not depend on NetworkManager, or any other connection manager

? Screenshots

Dashboard Connections index
edgevpn-gui-2 edgevpn-3

? Installation

Download the pre-compiled bundle from the release page, extract it and run make install.

At the moment builds are available only for Linux.

? State

This GUI is a work in progress. It is able to manage edgevpn connections so far, but still has few graphical glitches that needs to be fixed.


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