edit text in the middle of a shell pipeline, and store a diff to replay changes after further invocations


    go install


    export EDITOR=vi
    vi-pipe [-re] <cache-key> <in >out


    # there are a lot of possibilities with this thing
    # for example list some files, clean them up or prune them in the editor, then delete them
    $ ls ~/my-files | vi-pipe $(tty) | xargs rm

    # changes are kept, so long as the key (for example your interactive pty name) stays the same
    $ echo a | vi-pipe $(tty)
    ab   # only added the "b" char in editor
    $ echo a | vi-pipe $(tty)
    abc  # only added the "c" char in editor, previous change pre-applied

    # manipulate some data
    $ cat people.csv | csv-to-json | jq '.[] | .address'
    # oops, no jq output. this csv has no header row, let's add it in the editor
    $ cat people.csv | vi-pipe $(tty) | csv-to-json | jq '.[] | .address'
    Dublin, Irenand
    Barcelona, Spain
    # nice, but there's a typo. let me re-open in the editor. there'll be no need to add the header again
    $ cat people.csv | vi-pipe -re $(tty) | csv-to-json | jq '.[] | .address'
    Dublin, Ireland
    Barcelona, Spain


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