elytra is a heavily asynchronous cheat proxy for Minecraft Bedrock Edition written in Go. It was written with scalability and simplicity in mind and aims to make the act of cheating and hiding it easy and secure. Unlike other Minecraft cheats, elytra is a proxy that hijacks Minecraft packets to modify characteristics like movement and combat to cheat.

Getting started

Running elytra requires at least Go 1.18. After starting the proxy through one of the methods below, ctrl+c may be used to shut down the proxy.

Installation for developement

  1. Install and setup Go and Git
  2. Run the following:

git clone
cd elytra
go run main.go
# or to build an executable (.exe)
go build main.go

Installation as executable

Refer to the releases

Further information

elytra plans on have more cheats such as speed, highjump, killaura, and reach. These cheats will be coming out further as development goes on.

Although the proxy works on servers normally, transferring between servers does not work as of right now (so servers that have hubs that transfer you to their downstream servers will not work).

Current Cheats

  • Velocity
  • Hitbox (WIP)


  • I do not condone cheating block-game and any punishment received on any server with this plugin is none of my responsiblity
  • Yes, I did skid the dragonfly README LMAO!


  • Please help


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