Quota Operator

Enforcing per team quota (sum of used resources across all their namespaces) and delegating the per namespace quota to users.



  • make generate update the generated code for that resource type.
  • make manifests Generating CRD manifests.
  • make test Run tests.


Export your image name:

export IMG=ghcr.io/your-repo-path/image-name:latest
  • make build builds golang app locally.
  • make docker-build build docker image locally.
  • make docker-push push container image to registry.

Run, Deploy

  • make run run app locally
  • make deploy deploy to k8s.

Clean up

  • make undeploy delete resouces in k8s.


Metric Notes
controller_runtime_active_workers Number of currently used workers per controller
controller_runtime_max_concurrent_reconciles Maximum number of concurrent reconciles per controller
controller_runtime_reconcile_errors_total Total number of reconciliation errors per controller
controller_runtime_reconcile_time_seconds Length of time per reconciliation per controller
controller_runtime_reconcile_total Total number of reconciliations per controller
rest_client_request_latency_seconds Request latency in seconds. Broken down by verb and URL.
rest_client_requests_total Number of HTTP requests, partitioned by status code, method, and host.
workqueue_adds_total Total number of adds handled by workqueue
workqueue_depth Current depth of workqueue
workqueue_longest_running_processor_seconds How many seconds has the longest running processor for workqueue been running.
workqueue_queue_duration_seconds How long in seconds an item stays in workqueue before being requested
workqueue_retries_total Total number of retries handled by workqueue
workqueue_unfinished_work_seconds How many seconds of work has been done that is in progress and hasn’t been observed by work_duration. Large values indicate stuck threads. One can deduce the number of stuck threads by observing the rate at which this increases.
workqueue_work_duration_seconds How long in seconds processing an item from workqueue takes.


Reporting security vulnerabilities

If you find a security vulnerability or any security related issues, please DO NOT file a public issue, instead send your report privately to [email protected]. Security reports are greatly appreciated and we will publicly thank you for it.


Apache-2.0 License, see LICENSE.


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