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Engarde – Stay on guard with Envoy Access Logs

Parse default envoy access logs like a champ with engarde and jq



Envoy access log messages are packed with a lot of useful information but in an unstructured log format. Without prior context, or even with context it can get cumbersome to visually inspect these log messages to extract useful information.

I was inspired by this tweet from Megan O’Keefe on twitter to create this tool for better readability of the envoy/istio-proxy access logs.

In addition, a special shout out to Richard Li from for this excellent article that provides more details on each of the subcomponents of the log message.



brew tap nitishm/homebrew-engarde
brew install engarde


scoop bucket add engarde
scoop install engarde


go get

This should install the compiled binary to your $GOBIN (or $GOPATH/bin).

Otherwise, clone the repository and build the binary manually using,

This package uses gomodules. Ensure that GO111MODULE=on is set if building outside $GOPATH in go version 1.11+

git clone
cd engarde/
go build -o engarde .
mv engarde /usr/local/bin/
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin/

Example (default format only)


jq must be in your $PATH. If you do not have jq installed please download the binary here


echo '[2016-04-15T20:17:00.310Z] "POST /api/v1/locations HTTP/2" 204 - 154 0 226 100 "" "nsq2http" "cc21d9b0-cf5c-432b-8c7e-98aeb7988cd2" "locations" "tcp://"' | engarde | jq

2019/09/03 22:31:33 Reading input from STDIN. Use the pipe "|" operator to redirect traffic to engarde
  "authority": "locations",
  "bytes_received": "154",
  "bytes_sent": "0",
  "duration": "226",
  "method": "POST",
  "protocol": "HTTP/2",
  "request_id": "cc21d9b0-cf5c-432b-8c7e-98aeb7988cd2",
  "response_flags": "-",
  "status_code": "204",
  "timestamp": "2016-04-15T20:17:00.310Z",
  "upstream_service": "tcp://",
  "upstream_service_time": "100",
  "uri_path": "/api/v1/locations",
  "user_agent": "nsq2http",
  "original_message": "[2016-04-15T20:17:00.310Z] \"POST /api/v1/locations HTTP/2\" 204 - 154 0 226 100 \"\" \"nsq2http\" \"cc21d9b0-cf5c-432b-8c7e-98aeb7988cd2\" \"locations\" \"tcp://\""

Istio Proxy

kubectl logs -f foo-app-1 -c istio-proxy | engarde --use-istio | jq

  "authority": "hello-world",
  "bytes_received": "148",
  "bytes_sent": "171",
  "duration": "4",
  "method": "GET",
  "protocol": "HTTP/1.1",
  "request_id": "c0ce81db-4f5a-9134-8a5c-f8c076c91652",
  "response_flags": "-",
  "status_code": "200",
  "timestamp": "2019-09-03T05:37:41.341Z",
  "upstream_service": "",
  "upstream_service_time": "3",
  "upstream_cluster": "outbound|80||hello-world.default.svc.cluster.local",
  "upstream_local": "-",
  "downstream_local": "",
  "downstream_remote": "",
  "uri_path": "/index",
  "user_agent": "-",
  "mixer_status": "-",
  "original_message": "[2019-09-03T05:37:41.341Z] \"GET /index HTTP/1.1\" 200 - \"-\" 148 171 4 3 \"-\" \"-\" \"c0ce81db-4f5a-9134-8a5c-f8c076c91652\" \"hello-world\" \"\" outbound|80||hello-world.default.svc.cluster.local - -"

Projects using Engarde

A UI powered by Engarde and Envoy docs for viewing envoy access logs on the browser : greghanson/engarde-viewer


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