Envoy is a proxy, really awesome and we are
devs who often use it, face errors and struggle to debug it,
when envoy config’s source is an external endpoint.

There must be a tool dedicated to just deal with envoy-config.
e.g. to,

Convert the external endpoint config to static configs, which is what is the requirement for

  1. better visibility
  2. better reproducibility of scenarios
  3. better experimentation

  # How to use

  First get the config dump, from the envoy endpoint on admin port.

  Save it in a file.

  Call the Envoke binary as follows on the config file.

  # Example

  1. The config dump file is saved with name `envoy-config.json` .
  Remember: the file extension should be .json
  2. Call binary as `./envoke envoy-config`

  3. then load the envoy config as
  `cd envoy-config && envoy -c bootstrap.yaml`


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