EStruct traverses javascript projects and maps all the dependencies and relationships to a JSON. The output can be used to build network visualizations of the project and document the architecture.

Getting started

go get
root := "/path/to/project/src"
labels:= make([]estruct.Label,0) // or create real labels
p:= estruct.NewConfig(root, `(.(js|jsx))$`,labels)
relativePath := "./src"
datasets, fileMap, dependenciesMap := p.Init(relativePath) // the output is the json

Saving output to a json file

jsonName := "application.json"
b, _ := json.Marshal(datasets)

ioutil.WriteFile(jsonName, b, 0666)

Output json structure

    "id": "52FDFC07-2182-654F-163F-5F0F9A621D72",
    "path": "/Users/myUser/work/myProject/src/Component.js",
    "dependencies": [
    "folder": "src",
    "extension": "js",
    "name": "ECMComponent",
    "lines": 106,
    "label": ""
    "id": "9566C74D-1003-7C4D-7BBB-0407D1E2C649",
    "path": "/Users/myUser/work/myProject/src/__webpack_public_path__.js",
    "dependencies": [],
    "folder": "src",
    "extension": "js",
    "name": "__webpack_public_path__",
    "lines": 3,
    "label": ""
    "id": "81855AD8-681D-0D86-D1E9-1E00167939CB",
    "path": "/Users/myUser/work/myProject/src/app-data.jsx",
    "dependencies": [],
    "folder": "src",
    "extension": "jsx",
    "name": "app-data",
    "lines": 4,
    "label": ""

EStruct will generate unique id for each mapped file to allow relationship creation using those id’s

How is this helpful to your organization ?

Using the output of EStruct, you can visualize your complex large scale JavaScript project using tools like neo4j and then ask real world questions from the graph database.

You can also integrate the EStruct with your devops pipeline to keep track of your project architecture and changes.

Todo list

  • Parse ES Modules
  • Support CommonJS
  • Generate labels based on user patterns (analyze file name and decide which label to give it)
  • Add support for require syntax.
  • Create CLI tool
  • Publish using NPM
  • Read configuration from project root directory .estructrc.json
  • Boost performance
  • Cleaner code
  • make EStruct plugable/extendable to support various project structures
  • use lexer and parsers to support multiple ecmascript versions and retrive more data about the contents of the code.