Everything will be a semantic desktop search engine combined with a single-user document management system. It will apply ideas of the semantic web and knowledge graphs to organize your data, allowing you to maintain private knowledge graphs as well as make use of public knowledge graphs, such as Wikidata.

Everything will use RDF* to model your data as a graph, allowing you to express simple and complex relationships.

Have you ever wanted to find all of your MP3s that star people born in cities with at least 100,000 inhabitants, but only if you have pictures of the people? Probably not, but the same flexibility that will make that search possible will also enable you to execute searches that actually make sense to you. Everything will not limit you to queries that its author could think of while designing it.

Of course, Everything will also come with predefined queries that make sense to a large audience, so that you won’t have to write all queries by hand. It will simply allow you to write custom queries should you ever need to.

Please note that this project is currently in the prototyping stage. It will be a while until there’ll be something useful here.