This tool will convert sheets in an Excel file or a path full of Excel files to .NET resource files. The reason this tool was developed was to give other non-technical people the possibility to translate resources from a mobile app in Xamarin without needing to edit resource files. Everybody knows how to use Excel, right?

Download releases

The best is to download the binary for your platform and run the executable.

To build from source, you’ll need to clone the repository and run go build -o ../bin/Excel2Resource main.go from within the cmd directory.

How to run once

To run the command only once to generate the resources, you can use:

./Excel2Resource --output=~/Projects/Mobile.App/Resx/ --input=~/Projects/Mobile.App/Translations.xlsx

Watch for changes

To watch a file or directory and generate on each save.


./Excel2Resource --output=~/Projects/Mobile.App/Resx/ --input=~/Projects/Mobile.App/Translations.xlsx --watch=true

Replacement rules

  • It will remove spaces in the sheet name to use as a file name.
  • It will replace spaces in identifiers (first column) with underscores _.
  • It will skip rows that are empty or start with '-.


The example template from this repo will result in:

  • AppResources.resx
  • AppResources.en-UK.resx
  • AppResources.nl.resx
  • AppResources.de.resx
  • AppResources.es.resx

If you want to ignore a row it needs to be empty or start with a dash. You can achieve this in Excel with entering '- in a cell.


I don’t think it will do any harm but just in case: use this tool at your own risk.




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