Discover and run code snippets directly from your README.md or other markdowns (defaults to local README.md).

rdme makes a best effort approach to extracts all code snippets defined in code blocks and allowing to explore and execute them. rdme is currently in early alpha.

You can execute commands from a different directory using a --chdir flag. To select a different file than README.md, use --filename.


The easiest way on MacOS is to use Homebrew:

$ brew install stateful/tap/rdme

Alternatively, check out rdme’s releases and select a binary for your operating system.

If you have Go developer tools installed, you can install it with go install:

$ go install github.com/stateful/rdme@latest

Contributing & Feedback

Let us know what you think via GitHub issues or submit a PR. Join the conversation on Discord. We’re looking forward to hear from you.


Apache License, Version 2.0


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