Execute shell command from browser console (developer tools)


Launch websocket server:


Open browser console (certainly with Shift + CTRL + K or Shift + ⌘ + K). Copy/paste within:

s=new WebSocket("wss://localhost:8080/sh"),s.onmessage=function(ev){console.log(};function sh(cmd){s.send(cmd)};function promptsh(){cmd=prompt();s.send(cmd)};Object.defineProperty(window, 'psh', { get: promptsh });

Now you are able to execute shell command from browser console with:

> sh("[command]")
//OR (alternative)
> sh`[command]`
//OR (prompted version)
> psh


Why not! The need does not inspire the feature, it’s the other way around (s/o Apple philosophy)



curl -lO -L
chmod +x
# or with go
go install[email protected]

Then as you have to launch the websocket server with certificates (otherwise browsers won’t accept connection). Create cert and key in the same directory:

mkcert -install
mkcert -key-file key.pem -cert-file cert.pem localhost ::1 # Many way to do it, openssl etc => key: key.pem and cert: cert.pem


  • SOP and CORS don’t apply to websocket, However CSP does. Many websites specify connect-src CSP directive which restricts loaded URL from WebSocket (⇒ can’t use on these websites, empty new tabs will do the job)
  • Without wss (secure websocket) browser wouldn’t authorize websocket communication ⇒ need certificate and key
  • ⚠️ This project is not secure! Use it with parsimony and of course shut down the server when you are done using it


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